Pyramids in Mexico

We like pyramids which means we visited 39 archaeological sites in Mexico.

The best place to start if you want to visit pyramids is INAH's website. It's in Spanish but it has all the sites organized by state and you can get lots more information about them from other sites if you don't read Spanish.  FYI, the entrance fees are sometimes out of date on that site, but none are higher than 64 pesos and children under 13 are always free.  Also, if you're a resident of Mexico rather than a tourist, you can visit anything for free on Sundays.  Some sites in Yucatan have additional (hefty) fees for very popular sites like Chichen Itza, Uxmal, and Ek Balam.

The INAH site has some instructions of how to get to each site, and Google Maps helps too.  Sometimes there are signs.  We had very little trouble finding anything in the Yucatan but around Mexico DF we nearly always needed to ask for help.

In the Yucatan the sites open at 8 AM.  Most of the sites in the rest of the country open at 9 or 10 AM, although busy sites open at 8 everywhere.  It's always worth starting early and visiting crowded sites as early as possible.  Big sites will have food, water, and gift shops, but the majority have no services, except possibly bathrooms, so bring your own food and water.  You can hire guides at many places but we've never done that.  Guides+kids just isn't our thing.

The Yucatan is hot and humid pretty much all the time, but it's bearable in January.  We had pleasant weather for our entire trip and even though it's technically the high season, going a few days after Christmas break wasn't too crowded.  Avoid July and August if at all possible because it's insanely hot and crowded.  Christmas through Kings Day are very busy too (more on the coast), as are the week before and after Easter.  We had no trouble with mosquitoes until we got to the coast.  

Here is our list of what we visited by state.  The links go to my posts about the sites.











Tres Cerritos



Quintana Roo



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