This is the bio that's been here for years:

Reading, reading, reading

Central Asia, Middle East, Islam

Arabic, Russian, Farsi

Travel, food, cooking

Quiet, quiet, quiet

Mormon, homeschooler, 3 boys

Geysers, mountains, ocean

Spinning, quilting, crocheting

But I think it's time for a more traditional version.  I'm a global nomad who has lived twice in Palestine, twice in Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, and the US in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, Washington, Idaho, and Utah.  We are currently moving to Saudi Arabia.

Since I also have three children, I homeschool to save our sanity through all these moves (21 so far). We have two in high school and one in elementary school.

I clean my own bathrooms, have lived in a house with no plumbing, shop locally but cook globally, read constantly, speak many languages badly, and love learning how to live in a new country, no matter what type of expats we are.