Because I Love Central Asia

People ask all the time why we have lived in Central Asia.  Here are a few reasons.

Birds in Central Asia

Photo a day 

Something to love in Kyrgyzstan a day

Bone games!

Ethnic diversity-  I love living in a place where there is such a variety of ethnic groups and languages.  Even if that means everyone assumes I'm Russian.  Till I open my mouth.


Nooruz.  I can't even think of something to link to that describes this holiday.  But it's my favorite one here.

Learning new languages- (This part doesn't always go well.  But we'll focus on the good parts.)

Beautiful and Perfect Mountains



Diverse Muslims- This is just more than the ethnic diversity here, but also the effects of the Soviet Union.  I don't think there is another place on the planet where Islam is so interesting.

Cute children 

Cemeteries here are always interesting

Balbals (I might like this one better though)

Cheap gardens

Food- This might be pushing my luck, because there are definitely better places to live foodwise, but Central Asia loves tandir naan, lots of vegetables, vinegar, melons, apricots, jam, samsas, ashlyamfu, borsak, plov, and laghman.  And so do I. 

Dungan mosques


Marshrutkas (so I don't always love these, but there's a lot to appreciate)