20 August 2019

A Sudanese friend of mine taught me this recipe a couple of weeks ago.  This is how I make it, but if you have fresh raw chicken, just chop it up quite small and add it to the peppers after they’ve mostly cooked. Serve with flatbread and tomato cucumber salad.

Silvia’s chicken and peppers

Onion, one or so
Garlic, lots
Bell peppers, three or so
1/2-3/4 kilo chicken, cooked and diced
Coriander, cumin, salt, cayenne, maybe turmeric

Dice your onion and saut√© it in some oil, then add lots of chopped garlic and a few diced peppers.  Keep cooking everything till the peppers are the way you like them.  Add the chicken and whatever spices you like, to taste.  Coriander and cumin are recommended.

It’s really up to you if you want this to be more of a vegetable dish or a meat dish.

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  1. Thanks, we'll try it this week. Any chance I'll meet Silvia?