07 May 2018

Ramadan is coming. There are crescent moons and lanterns everywhere, the grocery stores are hiring seasonal employees, and Ramadan schedules are being announced.  The local boys’ soccer team will be practicing from 10pm to 1am during Ramadan.   My son’s last orthodontist appointment was suggested for 10pm on a school night.  Stores will open at 10 am and close before sunset prayers, then reopen at 9 pm and close at dawn.  Rush hour will be at 10 am.  Noon prayers are a little earlier at this time of year which makes scheduling a morning grocery store trip more complicated.  And if you can’t go during the day, you’re probably stuck going at 10 pm.

So I’m trying to figure out how we’re going to eat.  The movers are coming to take everything away  a few days after Ramadan starts, but we’re not actually leaving the country until after Ramadan is over.  Usually we’d just plan on eating out a lot and making quick grocery store trips a little more often for exactly the food that doesn’t need much preparation that we need to get through the end, but all of that won’t be possible, unless we switch to a Ramadan schedule.  And a Ramadan schedule is hard when school and work are still happening.  We might end up eating a great deal of ramen.

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