01 March 2018

Instant Pot Steamed Savory Rolls

Dumplings isn’t the right word for these.  But neither is spring rolls, and lumpia doesn’t fit either, or really anything else.  But whatever they’re called, they’re really easy.  The timing is for a filling that doesn’t need to be cooked (or that cooks quickly).  Use whatever filling you like. There are a million recipes out there or you can make up your own. Today I used tofu, jusay, and pickled cabbage and ir was amazing. I use mutabbaq sheets of dough because that’s what I can get here. You can make smaller rolls using sambosa sheets, or use spring rolls or wonton wrappers or whatever.  I like the big sheets because then I can use lots of filling so the ratio of filling to wrapper is skewed in favor of the filling.

Fill your wrappers with your filling, then roll/fold into your preferred shape and steam for 7 minutes at high pressure. Quick release.

A super easy dipping sauce is gochugang mixed with cane vinegar.

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