06 January 2018

Refugee Camps

Jordan may have changed a lot, but they're still hosting a huge number of refugees, far more than in 1997, and many many times more than almost any other country per capita.  We drove by two Syrian refugee camps and several Palestinian camps.  The Palestinian camps have been there for decades and decades, of course, but the Syrian camps are new.  The Zaatari camp, which we didn't drive by, is one of the largest refugee camps in the world right now.  It's near the Syrian border in an area with a climate more similar to Syria.  We drove by a small camp that the UAE built (we couldn't see anything from the road) and then the somewhat larger Al Azraq camp.  Al Azraq was built since the Zaatari camp is overcrowded, but not many refugees have wanted to live there since it's hot, dry, isolated, and there was no electricity until this past spring when the UN built a solar plant.  Now people can at least charge their cell phones (an absolute necessity for keeping in contact with family), run a fan, or keep the lights on for their children to study after dark.  We got a few low-quality photos from the road of the camp and the solar plant.

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