08 January 2018

Places Left to Visit in Saudi

I’m not sure which, if any, of these we can manage, but a list is helpful. There are lots of other places in the region to visit, but since we can get visas for those, I want to focus on Saudi while we’re allowed to be here.

Jubbah (stop at visitors center to open gate, 7 hours)
Other petroglyph sites in Ha’il

Qaryat al-Faw (probably closed)

Al Mithnab, Al Ghat, Al Khabra (three hours)

Tayma (too far, probably)

Empty Quarter (except no one else wants to go)

Edge of the World (to compare with our much closer and easier sites)

Shuwaymis (except I’m not sure if someone is always at the gate to let us in, search for As Shwimes, 8.5 hours)

Abha (9 hours, but there are flights, or you can stop in Al Aflaj/Layla)

Thee Ain, other places in Al Bahah (north of Abha)

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