01 January 2018

Hello 2018!

I'll start off acknowledging that 2017 was my worst blogging year ever.  I've noticed that a lot of people don't blog in Saudi as much as they do elsewhere, and that's definitely true for me.  It's not really a bloggable place for a lot of reasons.  But that doesn't mean this wasn't an eventful year.  In fact, this one has to go down as one of our most memorable, even if it was a really hard year too.

Here's what I posted last year, and I had some big plans:

Oldest child graduates from high school and second child ready to go in 2018
Line up an amazing place to move next
Student loans paid off
Do something good for our 20th anniversary
No moves
Travel more
Do a big refugee project
Figure out other good ways to oppose Trump
Lots of histories and history
Explore Saudi and try new food
Buy a condo?

And we did a lot of these.  The oldest child is happy in college in the US and had a great first semester.  I am so glad he's in a good place for him right now.  The second child isn't anywhere near decided on anything for his graduation, but he's young and has time.  We're moving to Cairo in the summer which definitely counts as an amazing place, the student loans are gone forever and ever, we traveled more than I ever could have imagine, I've found really good options for political advocacy, and we've done as much exploring of Saudi as I could wrangle out of this country.  And I did two things I never expected to pull off - a total solar eclipse and Uzbekistan.  It was an good summer (and I was able to see all of my sisters, and meet my grand-niece).

I kept trying for something wonderful for our 20th anniversary, just the two of us, but it never came together.  But maybe this year?  I can't see a time to fit anything in this summer though, and my husband probably won't have any time off after that.  And we didn't quite manage Jerusalem.  It was in the works and nearly booked for Christmas, but it just didn't come together with the uncertainty about Jerusalem at the last minute.  But that did result in a trip to Jordan by car which I need to blog about soon.  I didn't manage a big refugee project, but we did donate a lot of Legos to a Palestinian camp in Jordan, and I found good ways to step up my advocacy.  2018 should be better for that.

So, 2018.

  • Blog more, at least in Cairo
  • Two more successful semesters for oldest son
  • Enjoy the last few cool months in Riyadh and survive getting out of here
  • No medical crises
  • Second son decided on his next plan and enjoy whatever time I get with him this year
  • Manage the move to Cairo the way we've planned, complete with a non jet-lagged child on the first day of school.  I can dream, right?
  • Some sort of trip with just the two of us
  • Effective political advocacy
  • Explore CAIRO!
  • Jerusalem
  • Arabic and be ready for a new branch, plus histories
  • Good food, good exercise

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