07 January 2018

Dumat al-Jandal

When we were driving to Amman we stopped in Qurayyat, but on the way back we wanted to get a little further and drove on to Dumat al-Jandal.  When we went in the hotel, we saw photos of some interesting looking sites and I suddenly remembered this town is one of of the oldest in Saudi Arabia, something I'd totally forgotten when I was looking for hotel options.  It was already 10pm and we needed to get something for dinner, but we went to see if we could find the castle and old mosque first.  It was easy to find (sites in cities/towns are always the best options because they're much easier to find) and was a lot of fun to poke around.  There was an old stone village, a mosque that is attributed to Omar but the current version can't be that old, a castle, and a museum. We also, randomly, found some men cooking nutella crepes inside a restored building next to the mosque so we brought a stack back to the hotel, in addition to some shwarma and falafel some Egyptians sold us later.  We stopped by again in the morning before driving off.  

In many ways this was similar to the old section in al-Ula, but this one was a little better and the castle was cool (although al-Ula is more like a fortress which is also good).  It's very much worth a visit if you're driving by, but I can't say it's worth a nine-hour drive from Riyadh.  However, if you're coming up to go to Jubbah and other rock art sites, you really should go a little further to come here too, and there are decent hotels.

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