04 October 2017

Samani Mausoleum Bukhara

There were many, many things both my husband and I were looking forward to seeing in Uzbekistan, but the Samani Mausoleum would be at or near the top for both of us.  My husband got interested in this building more than 25 years ago when he needed to write a paper for a masonry class- the brickwork is amazing.  He ended up writing about something else (because how easy could it have been to write a paper on this place in the pre-internet era, while the Soviet Union existed no less?), but he's never forgotten in.  For me, this is only remaining examples of Samani architecture because pretty much everything else was destroyed by the Mongols or by time.  Also, this is the earliest Central Asian mausoleum which is significant since mausoleums play an important role in Islam in Central Asia.  History for me, architecture for him.

The Chasma Ayub Mausoleum is right there too.  We were short on time and didn't go inside, but I still regret that because it's now a museum about the water system.  Chasma Ayub means Job's Well, so it's logical the museum is there. If only I had convinced my husband the architecture inside was worth risking my lingering too long over photos of municipal water system.  Next time.

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