09 October 2017

Everyday Saudi Arabia: Cats

There are lots of feral cats in our neighborhood.  Everywhere.  All over the place.  And generally, we don't bother each other.  But they've been hanging out in our garden quite a bit more, including giving birth to kittens.  And yesterday, one of those kittens somehow ended up in the house.  I don't think I'll ever know how, unless it sneaked in when someone left the door open in the afternoon.

Both my youngest son and I heard the kitten quite a bit last evening, but I didn't think it could possibly be inside even though something in the back of my mind kept telling me there was something in the house.  I knew we could hear a kitten outside mewing quite loudly even when we were inside so I assumed this was another really noisy kitten.  But I never heard it outside and my son kept insisting it was inside.  So finally, this morning, when I heard it in a different part of the house, I went looking for it and found it in the closed-off part of the house.  Not being much of a cat person, I just left the outside door open and it either left in a few minutes or its mother came to get it.  Either way, the kitten was outside with two larger cats. 

And now I am finding the traces of a kitten spending the night in my house.  I will pay attention next time if I think a cat is in the house.


  1. Funny story. Good reminder that youngest one is wise.

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