09 October 2017

Chor Minor Bukhara

This building is tucked away in a neighborhood in Bukhara, but if you're looking for it, you'll find plenty of people willing to point you in the right direction (and if you're looking for anything else in the area, you'll get sent back here unless you explain clearly where you want to go instead).  The name means Four Minarets in Farsi/Tajik/Persian but they're really four towers (since this isn't a mosque and these weren't used to call people to pray).  The building is part of a madrassah complex, or used to be, before everything was demolished.

We got up early in the morning to see this one, before we ate breakfast, since it was in the opposite direction of most of the places we wanted to see in our limited time in Bukhara.  We also walked along the Shahrud canal (which I would have learned so much more about, if I'd only gone to the water museum) which is the main part of Bukhara's thousand-year-old water system. The large pond at the center of the Labi Hovuz complex is part of this canal system. 

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