14 July 2017

Tashkent Food Prices

I can't not do a post about food prices.  These are from Tashkent in July of 2017 at a Korzinka grocery store. Keep in mind that living off $5000/year is normal here and that a lot of this produce is either not available or very expensive for at least 4-5 months of the year.

Tomatoes- 34 cents/pound
Milk- 5.41/gallon
Eggs- 2.45 for 15
Onions- 44 cents/pound
Garlic- 1.10/pound
Peppers- 26 cents/pound
Carrots (precut yellow)- 53 cents/pound
Local lemons- 2.44/pound
Not-local oranges- 1.84/pound
Apricots- 1.10/pound
Cucumbers- 38 cents/pound
Lazer rice- 85 cents/pound
Laghman dough- 1.14/500 grams
Sugar and flour- about 60 cents a pound
Naan- 30 cents a loaf
Kashar cheese- 5.31/pound
Creepy processed cheese- 2.41/pound

I didn't check meat prices.  I haven't seen bulgur here like in Kyrgyzstan and red lentils are relatively expensive.  The spice packets are around 20 cents.  I didn't buy the watermelon so I don't know how much it cost.

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  1. Interesting. Thanks for doing the math for us. What is Lazer rice? Do they let you choose your own produce? Is the milk bag milk? Or in a carton? Is the 30 cent naan fresh from a tandor? Is there yummy fruit juice?