19 July 2017

Escarpment, Again

In my never-ending quest to explore the Tuwaiq escarpment, I found another access point that seemed to involve a paved road most of the way.  I convinced the necessary people to take me there (I even scanned a stack of papers for one of those people) and we drove off in the few days we had in Riyadh between Jeddah and Tashkent.

And the road really did work.  It took about an hour to get to the edge of the escarpment, which is twice as long as our quick blocked-off way, but shorter and much less bumpy than anything else we've found to replace the block-off way (except for Camel Trail 1, but there are people there).  I think we can manage this one on a weekend afternoon when it's cool.

As always, the photos never do this place justice.

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