20 June 2017

Travel Food

I need to start collecting some recipes for meals that only require a few ingredients, especially those you can carry in a suitcase or that are available just about everywhere.  Here's the first batch.

Nutella mousse.  Requires a blender or mixer and bowls and spoons, plus nutella and whipping cream.

Whip two parts cream to soft peaks, then add one part nutella and gently mix.  Pour into individual serving bowls and chill for a couple of hours, if you like.  One cup of cream and 1/2 cup of nutella is plenty for 3-4 people.

Ramen.  Requires ramen packets, microwaveable containers, protein and vegetables as available, and other toppings like cayenne, vinegar, fish sauce, soy sauce, gochujang, as available.

This is just regular instant Ramen, but you can make it much better without too much effort.  Boil and shred some chicken or scramble or fry an egg to add to your noodles, or fry some tofu (the chicken is easiest because you can store it in the freezer to use over a few days).  Add a big handful of greens, like spinach or jusay, to your hot broth and they'll wilt and be delicious.  Use the provided flavoring packets wisely or add your own flavorings if any are available.  I think the ramen with four different flavor packets is best for this.

Spaetzle.  Requires a pot, a bowl to mix the batter, a grater or strainer with big holes (or a spaetzle thing), an efficient way to get the spaetzle out of the pot, plus eggs, milk, salt, flour, cheese, and butter.

Get a big pot of water boiling. Combine 4 eggs, 1/3 cup milk, 2 tsp salt, and 2 cups flour in a bowl. Pour some of the batter into the strainer or onto the grater and push it through the holes (I smush it with the back of a spoon) into the boiling water.  The batter will blop out in bits.  Boil till they float in a couple of minutes.  Fish them out and serve with butter and strong cheese.

Rice with yogurt curry. Requires a small pot and a spoon, plus rice, yogurt, onion/shallots/scallions oil, turmeric, cayenne, cumin, salt, and mustard seeds.

1 T black mustard seeds
1 tsp cumin seed
1 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
Minced shallots, not too much
1/2 cup water
2 cups yogurt
1 tsp salt

Heat the oil and the mustard seeds in a small pot over medium-high heat till the mustard seeds have mostly popped (keep the lid on). Lower the heat and to medium and add the spices and shallots and stir-fry for a few minutes till the shallots have softened a bit. Add the water, then whisk in the yogurt. After it's combined well and the sauce is smooth, stir in the salt. Heat gently till the sauce is warm (don't boil). Serve over rice.

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