30 May 2017


It's interesting to be in a rather strict Muslim country for Ramadan.  Ramadan in Kyrgyzstan is barely noticeable.  In Palestine plenty of people are observing it but since there are lots of non-Muslims living there too, it doesn't completely take over the month for everyone. But here, it does.

There's a mandated shortened workday of six hours.  Generally that means people come in around ten or eleven and work till four or five.  My children love the late start at school and early release.

Any business might be closed during the day but open at midnight.  My husband needed a haircut in Saturday and his usual place was closed at 11 am, but when he went back at 10 pm, he was able to get the haircut. Even medical places do this.

Grocery stores usually open from 10 am to 6 pm, then again from around 9 pm till 2 am.  I'm going to the grocery store later today and I'm curious to see if there are any changes inside. I'm just glad it's allowed to buy ingredients during the day and that the stores open in time to get a shopping trip done before noon prayers. I hear they can be very crowded in the late afternoon.

Restaurants are closed during the day.  They open in time for iftar and feed many, many people.  

There is no eating or drinking allowed in public during the day.  I might get a pass, since I'm obviously foreign, if I make a mistake, but eating or drinking in public during Ramadan is actually a deportable offense.  Even water.  The water is tricky for me since I carry it everywhere because I get dehydrated here very easily.  But I also don't go out much during the day.

I love being in a place where I can watch the majority religion join together for some type of religious observation. But the majority also needs to remember to not try to control everyone's lives.

Update:  I didn't make it to Lulu today because the traffic was horrible.  I was too optimistic thinking that I could get there and do the grocery shopping before prayers.  Well, I probably had time, but when we weren't even halfway there after 25 minutes, it wasn't worth it.  So I went to Hyper Panda instead.  I'll try Lulu again next week.  The grocery store was normal though.  I'd wondered if prepared foods were banned, but no.

Also, the A/C in the kitchen died last week.  The repair people are coming either tonight or tomorrow night after 9 pm.  Lovely.

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