30 March 2017

When you've been blogging for almost as long as there have been blogs, and when you're not updating your blog all that often, you start to see what old posts people search into.  Around here, that's mostly Central Asia posts, especially the ones about food and bone games.  And I still use those recipes too, in the US or Mexico or here in Saudi.  We had laghman last week for Nooruz, and borsak too, of course.  Since I can easily get jusay here (Filipinos eat it and call it kuchay), we eat that a lot too, along with carrot salad and Uzbek salad (that one is just cucumbers, onions, tomatoes, and salt with nothing else). And there is always plov.  

But I don't bother making naan here, just like I never did in Kyrgyzstan because why bake flatbread when you can buy inexpensive and delicious flatbread?  The grocery stores sell lots of different flatbreads from their own bakeries and there are plenty of small bakeries everywhere, where you can get everything from tamees from a tandoor to date breads to fatayer. 

Central Asian food is nice because it's not terribly complicated and you don't need a lot of unfamiliar ingredients (although I spend a lot of time wishing for black rice vinegar since that's really hard to find in most of the world and balsamic vinegar is not a substitute no matter what the cookbooks say).  Mexican food is nice too that way, as long as you have masa harina at least.  And did I mention that the Indian frying chiles they sell here are passable substitutes for poblanos?  They're better than sweet bell peppers at least.

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