07 March 2017


These are super easy.  Sauté some onion and garlic in a little oil, then add some chopped vegetables like cabbage, carrots, green beans, jicama, bean sprouts, or whatever makes you happy.  Add some soy sauce and oyster sauce, but don't cook the vegetables for too long.  They should still be crunchy.  You can add some cooked protein, or add it later, or not bother with it at all.

Put a few tablespoons of the vegetables in the corner of a spring roll/mutabbaq wrapper.  Add some protein if you like (chicken, tofu, meat), then fold the nearest corner over, then the two edges, and roll up.  Stick it on a baking sheet and repeat with all the rest. Brush with a little oil then bake at 375 till they're golden brown.

You could fill these a little ahead of time and then put them in the oven later.  Any number of sweet and spicy sauces would be good with these.  I use whichever one is in my fridge, because there's always a homemade chile sauce in there.

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