18 February 2017

Champorado, Domaiti Cheese, Zapote/Sapodilla, and Dosa Batter

I'm still loving Lulu, both for the produce from everywhere and the everything else from everywhere.

Champorado.  I didn't know there was a Filipino version of one of my favorite Mexican drinks, so when I saw it sitting at Lulu, I had to try it.  It's basically a chocolate rice pudding. While it's really nothing like champurrado except that it's chocolate, it was still delicious.

Domiati.  This is an Egyptian cheese, and apparently the generic white cheese of Egypt.  It's fairly soft and salty, of course.  I used it in mutabbaq but it would also be great as the base for a dip.

Zapote.  When I saw this on sale and labeled as sapodilla, I had to try it especially since it seemed vaguely familiar.  After some searching, it turns out it's from the Yucatán which warmed my heart.  I didn't much like it, which is pretty typical for me at tropical fruits, sadly, but having fruit on the counter that originated in the Yucatán was totally worth it.

Dosa batter.  I've made dosas before, but the fermented batter takes more planning than I usually can pull off so when an Indian friend of mine told me they sell dosa batter at Lulu, I was delighted.  I'll get this again.

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