23 January 2017

Why I March

I suppose it was to be expected that some women wouldn't support the march on Saturday, and that's fine. But I disagree pretty strongly with some of the criticisms I've read today.

This march was about women and women have a lot of different issues they care about. I had friends carrying signs about refugees, religious freedom, human rights, reproductive rights, equality, and so much more. Trying to reduce this to a single issue ignores millions of women's voices (unless that issue is women's rights).

I also had friends marching in solidarity with and for women from all over the world, from Saudi Arabia to Burkina Faso to Kyrgyzstan and India and Mexico and more. They were marching for women to be able to go out without being assaulted, for women to have political representation, for women to have access to education, for women to choose their own clothing and transportation. No matter where they were marching, they were marching for something important.

This wasn't a temper tantrum or a pro-abortion march. This was millions of women all over the world standing up for issues we believe in. The only reason we could even do this is because generations of women before us marched and made their voices heard. This was one of the biggest political events in the history of the world and it mattered, not only for those of us who marched, but for all of the women over so many years who made this possible.


  1. There was a march in SA?? Wow! I too have been disappointed at some of my friends' reactions to it. I took my daughter and we had a nice time -- ours is a small city, so the 2000+ people there was pretty impressive.

  2. One was announced here but it didn't happen since protests are banned. But that doesn't mean there weren't at least two of us who tried to participate. :)

    Seeing the photos of so many marches and women participating has been wonderful. I LOVE IT!