31 January 2017

The Executive Order

It's been three days now since this thing was signed.  I've written so much about it elsewhere, and anyone who's spent any time reading this blog wouldn't be in doubt about how I feel about it, but I have to say it here too.  The refugee ban is obviously something I care about a great deal, but the immigration ban has hit my family personally.  This truly has been awful.

It is important to remember that this is not normal.  No president has done anything like this in recent memory, and when we have done this in the past, it has only hurt people instead of helping.  There are families separated now on the flimsiest of national security and legal justification.  There are people who have been trying to get visas for a very long time who can't use them. This is only blocking legal immigration or hurting people who have done things the right way.  It is foolish and wrong.

I hope this is really just a 90-day ban on entry for citizens of the seven countries, and a 120-day ban for refugees.  I hope Syrians are allowed back in ASAP.  But Trump has given me no reason to believe that. This is what Trumpism is.  Trump kept his promises. No one should be surprised, most of all those who voted for him.

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