27 January 2017

Akkawi and Areesh Cheese

Not long after I got here I bought a lot of different local or Middle Eastern cheese.  And then I didn't have time to use it all so I put it in the freezer, but cheese in the freezer isn't so convenient so we didn't get through it quickly and the labels weren't on anymore so we didn't know what we were eating anyway (there was just one we didn't like much).  Anyway, we finished off what was in the freezer and now we're trying a new type of cheese every week or two and keeping track of what it is and what we think.

Akkawi cheese originated in Akko (Acre in English) and it's not as soft as most of the local cheese here.  In fact, it reminded several of us of adobera cheese in Jalisco, although they're really not made the same way.  I'm thinking of using it for queso fundido to see if it's a good substitute.  Oldest son at most of it in his pasta so he loved it. I got a local Saudi version.  Lulu also sells a Syrian version we'll have to try.

Areesh cheese is made from yogurt and is Egyptian. Most of thing things I read said it was like cottage cheese or ricotta, but not what we tried since ours was creamy. Everyone really liked the flavor of this one and we used it in mutabbaq, both a savory version with tomato and a sweet version with honey.

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  1. Thanks. Tiana asked my just yesterday about Saudi Arabian food.