04 August 2016

Today's successes:

Signed up for an Arabic class
Found sharp cheddar cheese at a reasonable price
Found a book about Old Diriyah which is a World Heritage site near Riyadh
The driver on the way home told me that I can buy coconut at Lulu and have it opened and grated at the store.  

General successes:

-We have a temporary Internet solution.  I hope that means that the long-term solution isn't pushed off for months, but for now, we have Internet.
-The garden is wonderful.  I'm figuring out the irrigation system and most of the plants were hacked back before we arrived, but they're starting to grow back.  There's papyrus all over; and large trees with white flowers; and maybe, if I'm lucky, bougainvillea; and a big tree in the corner just had a couple of yellow flowers open and it's covered with buds
-The house is still not annoying me yet
-We have had enough to eat every day
-We have enough water to drink
-I never have to use the dryer
-The drivers are an amazing resource, both for rides and for information, despite the missteps below

There are obviously missteps all the time.  We schedule a ride to get something done and it takes much longer than it ought to, but our ride home is leaving; or our request doesn't get on the right paper so a car doesn't arrive and you have to call to have someone else sent out; or I just don't ever have enough time at the grocery store to feel like I'm done. The stuff won't be delivered for a while still even though it's here in Riyadh. You'll notice that most of the missteps have to do with transportation.  I honestly don't know how Saudis put up with this when Saudi women are well-educated and well-employed and many have driven outside of the country.

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