07 August 2016

Things that are going well:

I finally, finally had enough time at the grocery store to feel like things are under control.  There is food in the freezer and the fridge is full (I hate crowded fridges, but sometimes you have to).  And I had enough time get some things from the olive and cheese counter.  Not any olives, of course, but you have to call it that since half the things available are olives, but we tried mish, labnah with chile, and shanklish with freshly-baked flatbread.  Other than Lulu, I like Danube at Hayat Mall because they bake bread there, have a great bulk section, and more peanut butter than Lulu, which makes sense.  I also got some grape leaves and hummus, because I hadn't yet.

The house still isn't bothering me, and we cleaned the whole thing yesterday.  The bathrooms are actually designed to be cleaned, which seems like a no-brainer with bathrooms but still almost never happens.  There are drains in the floors and the bathrooms are slightly sunken so you can spray all over and then squeegee all the war into the drain.  And since there are bidets and removable shower heads in all the bathrooms, you really can spray anywhere. Also, I figured out why it's so convenient to close off half of the downstairs- there's a men's section and a women's section.  We live in the women's side. And I'm loving the line drying. I know it's less than three weeks in, but I'm still hopeful I'll like this house. 

Everyone is less bored.  There is still boredom, but it's not as acute as it was.

Reports on new foods we've tried: 

Jeerakasala rice- this is from southern India and it quite small.  It's often used to make ghee rice.  I made a simpler version, because I didn't have all the right things last week, and just fried the rice in some ghee that I'd already cooked some onions in, then added water and salt and simmered till it was done. Usually you'd add in onions (I didn't add the onions because I only had one and I put it in the chicken instead) and some spices, raisins, and nuts too.  I really liked the rice so we'll enjoy it here because it's not something you can get in most places.

Mish- this is a soft, fermented, salted cheese from Egypt originally.  I think we had a Jordanian version and it had chile in it.  I liked it and it would make a great spread.  We had it with flatbread and dried flatbread chips.

Shanklish- this is a Levantine cheese that's usually covered with za'atar. It's another soft cheese and formed into a ball. I think the version we got was spiced a bit inside.

There's nothing new that's a problem right now.  Just dealing with more moving to a new country things.

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