28 August 2016

Drain flies.  They were here when we moved in and I haven't been able to eradicate them yet.  But they are better than house flies or mosquitoes, and they're easier to dispatch.  

Plumerias.  We have lovely big bushy trees outside with white flowers on them, but I wasn't sure what they were.  They looked like plumerias, but how could that be in a desert?  Also, I wasn't smelling plumeria when I went near them (and I do that all the time since I rake up the leaves and dead flowers every day) so I didn't think they were. And I'd never gotten around to searching online to find out what they were, despite my best intentions.  But I was on FaceTime last night with my sister and she said they're plumerias, so I finally got my nose close enough to the blossoms to smell them (all the blossoms are above my head) and they are!  It's tempting to make a lei. 

Butter.  Like a lot of the local cheese that's processed, a lot of the locally produced butter I've tried is some sort of blend with oil that leaves an unpleasant aftertaste.  The goal the next time I go to the grocery store is to find some real butter.

Labnah/labaneh/laban- I'm slowly converting the family to labnah balls.  The oldest didn't try them the first time, but did the second time (which makes sense since he loves tart yogurt) and now I need to buy a much larger quantity, or just start making them but I generally try to buy local foods that I have to make elsewhere (like laghman noodles in Kyrgyzstan and salsa in Mexico) so we'll keep buying lots of them.  Also, middle son likes to take a couple for lunch.  Youngest may change sides later, but right now he's with my husband in the not-a-big-fan category. There's also plenty of Turkish labaneh that's the consistency of cream cheese and laban, which I keep hearing other expats accidentally buying instead of milk since it lives right next to the milk.  It was an easy mistake to make in Kyrgyzstan too. I love being able to get all the different lbn products in one place. 

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