15 July 2016

So I haven't blogged in a really long time because we're doing the longest move ever and it's still not over.  But today I am sitting in a little German city on the French border and I'll see my sister this afternoon so it's a good day.

We were in Paris yesterday and the previous afternoon.  The Louvre was free and relatively uncrowded yesterday.  We saw the Mona Lisa for my husband, the Egypt stuff for my youngest, and the Code of Hammurabi for me and my middle son.  I loved the Persian section too.  The Lego store for oldest was closed but it's always fun to look in the windows.  I got to see Notre Dame and the Arc de Triomphe.  And we went to the Catacombes.  And rode the Metro.  It was a pleasant surprise that there were parts in elevated tracks so it was so much fun to ride around.  I love Paris public transportation.

I had a few specific Paris things I wanted to do.  I told everyone we were eating crepes and ham and cheese baguettes at the Eiffel Tower and after some resistance (why, child?) everyone agreed that the food was perfect. Then I found a bakery with a line and since I knew that meant fresh baguettes, we went in to buy a couple and the family approved of those too, especially with cheese.  And we had the best croissants for breakfast.  Most places were closed for the holiday yesterday, but we ate a delicious lunch at a cafe and everyone was delighted with their food.  Oldest loved buying warm baguettes and good cheese in the gas stations on the drive to Germany.  Even gas station food in France is delicious.

The rental car wouldn't start yesterday so after a three-hour delay we finally were able to leave Paris which got us to our hotel really late last night, but I'm trying to not stress over its torpedoing my jet lag recovery program. Most of the family is at the Lego store right now.  Of course.

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