20 July 2016

Our too-short Europe visit is almost over.  We did meet up with my sister in Mannheim where we at good food and explored together before they went on to Switzerland and we went to Austria.  We stayed in Tyrol and had a lovely time in the mountains.  It was so nice.

The Alps are amazingly beautiful.  The climate obviously helps keep everything green and lovely, but they're also not very tall mountains so the valleys are below the tree line.  In Kyrgyzstan, the mountains are much, much taller and the mountain valleys often don't have trees in addition to Kyrgyzstan's being much drier.

It was nice to stay in a place with a kitchen because going grocery shopping is one of my favorite things to do in other countries. We have eaten a lot of spaetzle.  Also, I made sure we stopped for döner yesterday.

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