31 May 2016

Trump keeps saying that conservatives, Republicans, whoever will lose the Supreme Court if Trump loses.  And that's true.  Hillary would appoint very different people that Trump has proposed nominating and that obviously matters to a lot of people.

However.  The Supreme Court is not the only important thing in this race, or the most important thing. There are things that are worth losing the Supreme Court over (and, if I might remind people, the current Senate has made it clear that even moderate SC nominees can be stymied no matter who is president so it's not as if all is entirely lost even if your candidate doesn't win) and I think one of those things is the way that people are treated.

The POTUS should not be a blatant bully.  Have we had bullying presidents before?  Of course.  But have we turned out in relatively large numbers to vote for a man who heaps abuse on anyone who doesn't do what he wants them to?  It's fascinating to talk to people in the DC area who have had various dealings, political and business, with Trump and hear how he treats people.  To hear how he treats contractors.  To hear how he treats attorneys he hires.  And then you read excerpts from his own books telling about how he treats people who don't do what he asks.

Trump always says that he's a counter puncher.  And in a way that's true.  He generally doesn't say much about people who aren't talking about him (although that's definitely not a rule).  But when people criticize his proposals, for example, he goes after them in a very harsh and personal way that has nothing to do with their criticism of his proposals or even his character.  

This ties in with something else that comes up over and over and that the media doesn't get right.  Yes, Trump says awful things about a lot of women, but he says awful things about everyone he doesn't like and/or respect.  He's certainly not just picking on women and I don't think he's necessarily being a misogynist there- he's just horrible to a lot of people.  He does used gendered language a lot of the time when he's talking about women which is a problem, but I think there's a much bigger and more troublesome reason that illustrates his misogyny.  He objectifies women.  We have no value unless we are doing something to help him.  For Trump, men are worthy of respect if they are strong leaders, tough negotiators, fighters- things that have nothing to do with Trump. He considers women worthy of respect if he perceives them as increasing his own value and that, my friends, is appalling. He's not a misogynist because he says mean things about women, it's because he sees no value in women except as they relate to him.

There is so much more here than the Supreme Court.

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