24 April 2016

Anacostia Trail

I loved this trail and I think it's an important one to do because there are so many pieces of DC history here.  You'll read about the Bonus Army, the first mental hospital in DC, segregation, Barry Farm, redevelopment, and so much more.  Totally fascinating.

Anacostia isn't the safest part of DC and its reputation is probably worse than the area actually is.  I decided that since we're running out of time to do everything I want to do, I wouldn't try to fit it in with my son's weekly field trips and to go with my husband on another day instead.  It was such a good walk that I want to go back with my son, but if we don't have time to do the entire walk, we will definitely go back to the Anacostia Community Museum because they have an amazing exhibit on DC history from 1963-1975 (it replaced the DC after the Civil War exhibit we went to last fall that was so good).

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