20 March 2016

Palm Sunday

This morning my husband and I drove into DC to go to the early Palm Sunday service at the National Cathedral.  They had palm fronds for everyone (which were, I'm sure, harder to get than in Mexico where there were palm branches everyone) and we very much enjoyed the service.  It was so good to be there. We also drove around the tidal basin after to see the almost-out cherry blossoms.

I searched all over lds.org to see if I could find something good to link to about Palm Sunday.  There are certainly some mentions of it and some brief activities in the Friend, but little that is very in depth. So I'll stick with reading the different accounts from the gospels about this day and listening All Glory, Laud and Honor since we didn't sing it or any other praise song at church.  Also, check out what Eric Huntsman has online

I did find a couple of things I liked about Holy Week in general though. There's a 44-year-old article from Daniel Ludlow about Holy Week, but the best thing I found was this quilt that represents Holy Week. Please click through to see it.

Here are some of my past posts about Palm Sunday:

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