05 March 2016

Okay, so back to my second point from my post about why Trump is a bad idea.  Here are some more unworkable ideas he's promoting.  These are based on stuff he's said, which is notoriously unreliable and hard to pin down, not on detailed policy proposals posted on his websites where they ought to be:

-Killing the family members of terrorists.  Besides using fake examples of terrorists' families that he would target (9/11 terrorists didn't send their wives out of the US on September 9th), it is clearly against international law to do this, but that didn't stop him from saying he would do this in Thursday's debate.  He toned it back a bit on Friday by saying that he wouldn't ask the military to break the law, claiming he was surprised that the media took his words literally (?), but that isn't anywhere near enough.  You don't go after innocent people with nasty relatives just because international law says you can't.  You don't go after innocent people because the POTUS shouldn't want to do that at all.  Ever.

-Torture. People, this is not acceptable.  He has clearly stated more than once that he wants to bring back waterboarding and worse.  Again, he's said that he doesn't mean that he would ask people to break the law, but torture is not something we should do in the US, not to anyone.  Ever.

-Banning Muslims.  I know I mentioned this before, but I'm really concerned by the exit polls in many different states indicating that a significant majority of Republicans voting in these primaries support a ban on allowing non-US-citizen Muslims into the US.  I still have no idea how this would actually be implemented because there is no reasonable way to determine that anyone isn't a Muslim. You can't prove a negative.  And Cruz agrees with Trump here.

-Deporting undocumented people.  Truly, there is no way to do this.  This is so far from being possible that it shouldn't even be discussed, not that that stops people like Trump and Cruz.  Finding and deporting 11 million people is estimated to take 20 years and cost half a trillion dollars.  Removing that many workers is projected to cost the economy $1.6 trillion by 2035 which is a problem for his economy ideas.

-The economy will grow when he cuts taxes and the deficit won't grow because he'll cut spending. I've never had a reason to say this before, but Fox News handled this one perfectly at the debate.  The numbers don't add up and his plan for the economy isn't workable.

-Creating a database of Muslims and/or refugees in the US.  Unfortunately, there's this pesky thing called The Bill of Rights that gets in the way here.

-Seizing oil fields in Syria and giving the profits to military veterans.  What world does Trump live in to think this is even remotely possible?

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