02 March 2016

New York City Books

Eat the City- This one talks about all the different people living in New York City who, in a wide variety of ways, produce food for the city.  I thought it was most interesting at the beginning and I skimmed toward the end but it was a fun read.

Archaeology of Home- I had to skim some of this one too, but it picked up as it went along (and it was easy to tell when the author was going to start philosophizing).  It's about a building in the East Village that's condemned and the trials of the people who lived there, but it's also about the history of the building (that was the good part) and the part of the city its in.

A History of New York in 101 Objects- This one was my favorite of all the NYC books I checked.  Lots of little fascinating tidbits and lots of history.

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