26 March 2016

Good Friday

We watched the Good Friday procession from Our Lady Queen of the Americas through Dupont Circle to the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle.  I'd guess there were about 200 people, mostly Latino, and it felt very much like processions we'd see in Mexico.  It was lovely to watch. I'm calling it Good Friday today because that's what it is here.

Also, 200 people walking through Dupont Circle on a Friday afternoon is going to cause some serious traffic delays.  There was a police escort who cleared the roads for the procession and made sure they arrived safely.  I know it's common for people to think that religious freedom is under attack or whatever, but religious accommodation is alive and well in the US and I'd rather focus on what I saw today instead of worrying about cashiers than say Happy Holidays.

We walked alongside the procession some of the time and were ahead of it sometimes.  It was interesting to see people's reactions and the expressions on their faces when they found out what it was.  It was a good afternoon.

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