22 February 2016

Primaries and Caucuses

Like many Americans, my husband and I are pretty much appalled that anyone is voting for Trump.  Not only that, I am getting more concerned that he will win the Republican nomination- not because a majority of Republicans want him, but because no one other candidate will get enough votes to beat him.

In my mind, Cruz is no better than Trump (except that he's more presidential which does make him preferable- their policies and proposals, such as they are, are quite similar on the issues I care about most strongly) so if we're in a three-person race (Kasich, you have no chance and should get out yesterday even though you're by far the most decent guy up there), I have to hope Rubio wins for the reasons outlined so neatly in the piece linked above.

My husband and I both registered today to vote online in the Utah Republican caucus so we can vote for Rubio.  Utah Republicans recently switched to a caucus system instead of a primary which usually means people not living in the state don't get to vote, but they are trying out online voting this year.  I am glad to get a chance to vote this time even if I am voting against Cruz and Trump instead of for someone (because I don't want Rubio as president, not at all).

There is one other statistic that concerns me greatly.  I was truly shocked to read the exit polls from South Carolina where 75% of the voters said they agreed with Trump about "banning Muslims," whatever that actually means, from entering the US.  If South Carolina isn't an anomaly, then maybe there's nothing that can be done because too many people actually do agree with Trump.

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