24 February 2016

Dupont Circle

This field trip was a little more complicated to do since there isn't a historical trail about it (really?) and none of the walks I could find online or in guidebooks covered everything I wanted.  So I street viewed sites on the African American trail to see if there were signs to read and went out a few days before to check thing out and we toted around several books and brochures while we were out.

There are many places to look at around Dupont Circle (check out the NPS sites for information about the Massachusettes Avenue, 16th Street, Striver's Section, and Dupont Circle Historic Districts), but here are few places that don't seem to be as well known or that I thought were especially worth mentioning:

Larz Anderson House- There are plenty of lovely homes in this area, but since most are embassies you can't just wander inside them.  However, the Anderson House is open with free tours and both my son and I thought it was a worthwhile stop to represent the early 1900s (decade).

1700 block of S Street- (see here) In particualr, stop at 1727 to read the sign and learn about the house at the end of Corrigan V. Buckley, a 1926 decision where the Supreme Court upheld exclusionary covenants.

Metropolitan AME Church- Do stop by this church.

Also, we saw all five of our Stan Embassies.  That wasn't an intentional part of the walk since we were focusing on the decade of 1900s, but there they all were.


  1. How nice to see all your Stans! Did you know you would see them all before setting out for the day?

    1. I knew the Uzbek and Kazakh Embassies were along the way, but the others were a nice surprise. We went the wrong way for just a minute and that's when we saw Kyrgyzstan.