28 January 2016


So, it snowed here.  Since it's the eastern US everyone heard about it.

I loved it.  It started snowing on Friday afternoon and didn't stop till Saturday night.  There were about 2 feet of snow here but it was hard to tell because of the wind.  The whole thing was wonderful, especially where we live because we have lots of friends here and the apartment complex had all sorts of activities going on all weekend.  We had potlucks, played games with friends, did church in our living room with 50 other people, drank hot chocolate, watched movies, played in the snow for hours and hours, and had such a wonderful time.

Watching this area dig out has been interesting.  I am fully aware that it snows less here than where I grew up (I never had a snow day growing up- the best I managed was having church cancelled one time when several feet of snow fell and then it was windy, but school was normal on Monday which was disappointing) but the cancellations and delays here are a bit much (don't tell anyone here that though).  They don't have the equipment here to deal with the snow efficiently but I'm not at all convinced that's wise.  This part of the country often has school, businesses and the government shut down for several days because of snow and it seems reasonable to invest in more equipment rather than hunkering down for so long.  I've also been surprised at how long it is taking to get major roads back to normal.  It's all well and good to plow your snow emergency routes through the storm, but you can't just leave them at one lane for days afterwards.  I won't even mention the hassle of walking when sidewalks aren't cleared and there are a lot that haven't been cleared.  Also, people get a little territorial with the parking spot they've cleared out.

But it's supposed to be in the upper 50s by Sunday and it will all melt away.  I'm hoping for another storm in February. :)


  1. 50 people in your living room??
    Glad it worked out that way.

  2. It was a lot of people, but they were just here for 30 minutes and many were children.

  3. The "glad it worked out" was referring to your obvious permission to hold church with the families there. But also nice that they all sandwiched in.