31 December 2015


So, I'm still clearly not a very good blogger in the US.  I didn't even write about the books I've been reading.  Here's an attempt to make up for a few of the books I missed.

The Hollow City and Library of Souls- These are sequels to Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.  I felt like they were a little dragged out and didn't quite work as well as the first book, but they were still good.

Greenglass House- I really liked this, although it felt like it was missing something at the end.  It was always leading up to something big but when it happened, it didn't work for me.

Uprooted- This is a Beauty and the Beast story that I liked a lot.

Circus Mirandus- I liked this one.

The Dagger in the Desk- I had thought this would be a trilogy so I was expecting the series to be over with this one, but who can complain about more of this group?  I loved it.

Starclimber and Skybreaker- These are sequels to Airborn.  The plot was, again, not great, but I don't mind that I finished them.  The first book was best.

Go Set a Watchman- I liked this more than a lot of people did.  I didn't think it unreasonable that Atticus was as racist as his society made him, but that he also could be a good lawyer and defend a man from an accusation that wasn't right.  No one is a saint.

Fangirl- I liked this one quite a bit.

Half Brother- Interesting premise, but not a particularly interesting main character.

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