10 December 2015

Barracks Row Trail, Union Station, Postal Museum, and the National Building Museum

It's still hard to place these trails in the best time period.  This is one that could have been done a little earlier, but it fit fine in the late 1800s.  We'd seen some of the places earlier.  The best part was going on one of the alleys that still has a few houses in it.  We keep reading about people living in rotten conditions in the alleys inside many of the large blocks in DC so it was interesting to see one (even though the conditions weren't at all the same).  It was another good walk.

Then we walked up to the National Building Museum by way of Union Station. We ate in the food court but it's only a sorry imitation of its past glory because half the food court is gone and there are mostly chains there now.  It was still good when we were there in 2013. Sad.  Anyway, Union Station was a little out of order since it would be better to visit when we're around 1900, but it was convenient today. We also stopped at the Postal Museum which was the Main Post Office in DC from 1914-1986. Same convenience rule.

 The National Building Museum offers free tours of the building and it was absolutely fascinating.  It's one of the best things we've done in DC.  We were the only two people on the tour and the volunteer who took us around spent plenty of time answering our questions and he knew a lot about the building. Highly recommended.

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