27 November 2015

Renwick Gallery

The Renwick just reopened two weeks ago after a two-year renovation and some of us drove over to see it on Thanksgiving afternoon.  I'd wanted everyone to go but someone was in a post Thanksgiving dinner stupor and someone else was outside playing so they'll have to go later because it was a great museum for anyone, including children.

I wanted to go because it's a Smithsonian, but I've also been reading about the building for the DC history class and it fits in nicely after the Civil War.  It's not large and it's not in the middle of most of the Smithsonians.  We didn't have any trouble finding parking on a holiday and it was quick to zip into the museum.

I like every exhibit, from the 3D printed statue to the fiber art one, but I unknowingly saved the best for last with The Midnight Garden.  It truly was amazing.

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