09 November 2015

Anacostia Museum and Battery Ricketts

When I was growing up we had a Smithsonian board game.  Yes, really, and I know.  You could learn about all the museums but the Anacostia was one that always sounded interesting but no one ever talked about it.  And then I went to Washington DC a lot but it never was convenient to go to because well, it isn't convenient because it wasn't designed to be convenient for tourists.

But we finally made it there yesterday to see the exhibit about how the Civil War changed Washington DC and some of the Civil War forts in the area.  The exhibit was very good and I'm glad we went before it ends in a few days. The museum is very small, but it's probably the only Smithsonian with plenty of free parking.  It's not near a Metro stop but there's a Metrobus that runs right from the Anacostia stop to the museum.  It's worth visiting even though we went for the exhibit that happened to match perfectly with our history class.

We didn't have a lot of time for the forts and my youngest was pretty much loopy after staying up too late the night before, but Battery Ricketts is at the end of a 7-mile walking/biking trail that connects a lot of the forts in SE Washington.  I don't know that we'll see any more of them, but it would be interesting to go along the trail.

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