07 October 2015

White House and Stuff Area

Monday's trip was around the White House.  Hopefully we'll be able to do the real tour next month, but we circled around and saw St. John's Episcopal Church, the Octagon House (here's what I blogged about it when we went in 2013), the Blair and Decatur Houses, the Treasury Building, Freedom Plaza with its map of the original L'Enfant plan of the city, the White House Visitor Center, and the zero marker for the city just south of the White House.  And lunch at Which Wich.

The Decatur House is doing tours a little more often right now, but my son vetoed the tour idea and it wouldn't have worked anyway since they cancelled the 12:30 tour.  The Octagon House is worth visiting, but it's only open in the afternoon during the last few days of the week.  Definitely not on Monday mornings.  Walking around the map on Freedom Plaza was cool and it's right by the White House Visitor Center.  That also was worth stopping at and we learned a lot about the White House.  If you can't do a tour, the visitor center makes up for a lot.

This was a short trip but we have to keep them short on the weeks we get a late start.  And it's hard to find much to see from the very earliest days of the city anyway.

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