27 October 2015

Washington Monument and Smithsonian Castle

We're wrapping things up from pre-Civil War Washington DC.  I couldn't think of any place to visit that related to retrocession that we hadn't already done (my son is tired of my pointing out when we're going in or out of the old district and he's seen enough boundary stones to last a long time) so we just talked about that and the reasons why it happened, but we did go to the Washington Monument and the Smithsonian Castle.

The Washington Monument wasn't finished until the 1880s and we'll go up it in a few weeks when we're on that decade, but since it sat, unfinished, for 30 years, we needed to stop by now.  Also, I'm not sure that I'd ever actually been inside the Castle so it was interesting to go there.

We do need to talk about railroads and transportation more but we'll get that with the Civil War and afterward.  It seemed more logical to wait since railroads didn't make a huge impact on the city before the Civil War.

We also stopped by the Museum of Natural History, not that that has anything to do with this history class, but there was time.  The tarantula feeding was exciting since the tarantula got out of its box and there was much screaming in the insect area of the museum.

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  1. Thank you, tarantula, for the excitement.