05 October 2015

It didn't rain all that much here in September, but it's been lovely and rainy for the last few days. The Carolinas can be forgiven for not liking it, but it's felt like fall here and I love it.  It was a little tricky last week when it looked like a hurricane could come here because we're not ready for a hurricane and we don't have a car yet and it was already quite soggy, but it all worked out and now I have a few candles for jack-o-lanterns and I didn't get too wet while acquiring them. And the sun just came out for the first time in quite a few days. This is one of the few times I can appreciate it.  The feeling will pass in a few minutes.

Even though there isn't a decent Mexican/Latino grocery in northern VA (when I've tried to track on down, even when I specify that I'm looking for the type of place that sells fresh food like poblanos and masa, I get suggestions of stores that sell lots of packaged Goya products) or even within decent Metro range, there are a lot of other great choices around for grocery shopping and it's been a lot of fun to eat a wider variety of foods.  And someday I might get to live in Mexico again or a part of the US with decent Mexican groceries.

I love being so close to DC.  

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