07 September 2015

So, we're in the US.  I obviously don't like that fact, but the move back this time hasn't been quite as bad for me because it's not even for a full year and I get to be in Washington DC.  Also, we're living in the same apartment building we lived in before so I know how to deal with everyday life here. It was nice to go to a football party with people we knew before and to be invited to a barbecue today.   And we are not living on the financial edge like our previous moves to the US so we could do things like rent a car for the first few days, eat out a few times, and get the groceries and clothes everyone needs.  We're lucky we had nice families to help us with the transition when we came back from Kyrgyzstan both times.

The best part about this move is getting my middle son back.  He's been in the US for the summer.  He is happy to be home with us and happy to be in this part of the country and back with kids he knows.  It is so good to have him home.

The worst part about this move is that my youngest son is having a hard time with it.  If you know him, send him a hug.  He needs it.  I think he'll be fine very soon, but he was so amazingly happy in Guadalajara and he has had a lot of big changes in the last few days so he's feeling sad and is going a bit loopy.

It is nice to return to the US after being in Mexico because there are so many more reminders here of Mexico than there are of Kyrgyzstan.  Mexican products in the grocery store, Spanish on all the signs, Latinos everywhere, Mexico just has a much bigger influence here and that's wonderful.  It's like Kyrgyzstan is just an illusion when I'm not there.

There is a new Asian store near us.  I love it.  I barely got out of there because I broke my number one rule of going shopping on foot which is to never get a cart (because you will buy too much stuff and then have to get it home without a car) and I bought too much stuff and had to get it home without a car.  But I got it home somehow, including the case of coconut milk.  We had boy choy for dinner last night and there are long beans and jusay in the fridge.  I didn't even have fish sauce in Guadalajara for the last few months so I've been feeling seriously deprived of some of my favorite things to eat.

Also, I have been eating extra sharp cheddar cheese.  I missed that in Mexico.

School starts tomorrow and I think we are actually ready for it.  I think I should get an award or something for starting school less than a week after an international move.

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