24 September 2015

I hate it when daily life keeps me from doing anything I want to blog about.

I at least am having fun cooking.  There may not be any decent Latino groceries around, but the local apples and peaches are lovely along with a good Asian grocery.  And the library and I are getting along just fine. Also, fall.  Thank you, fall.

It's also nice to be in a place with reasonable for the US public transportation, even if I did spend all day yesterday going to and from the orthodontist.  But I was irritated that I was spending the day that the Pope was in DC sitting at the orthodontist.

At least I can schedule a tour of the White House and the Capitol when I feel like it (except, the White House tour scheduling rules are stupid because you can only pick the day, not the time- I have just about any day, but I can't make it at 7:30 AM any day because we are living here, not touristing here).  And I if my son is sick on the day we have a tour scheduled, we can do it the next week because we'll still be here.

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