15 September 2015

Georgetown and Alexandria

We did our first DC history trip today and went to Georgetown and Alexandria because they were the only two parts that had anyone living in them before DC happened.  I'm sure we'll go back to these two places because there is plenty of later history in them, but we were focusing on 18th-century buildings and the boundary markers today.

We walked into Georgetown from the Foggy Bottom Metro and went by the Old Stone House first, 3001 M Street, and 1204 30th Street.  I was counting on reading historical markers along the way and that worked nicely.  The Old Stone House is only open Wednesday-Saturday after 11 so I hadn't planned on actually going inside since that isn't a good time for us to be there, but walking by worked for us.

We saw the Matthew Hyde house at 1319 30th Street, the Thomas Beall house at 3017 N Street, the Laird-Dunlop at 3014 N Street, and the George Beall house at 3033 N Street.  We also went by the Yellow House on 1430 33rd Street, the Yellow Tavern on 1524 33rd Street, Quality Hill on 3425 Prospect, and Prospect House on 3508 Prospect.  We saw City Tavern on the corner of Wisconsin and M Street and the old Dodge Warehouse at the end of Wisconsin.  And last of all was the Forrest-Marbury House where the Ukraine Embassy is today.  We walked over Key Bridge to the Rosslyn Metro to go to Alexandria.

We walked into Old Town Alexandria from the metro and stopped at Gadsby's Tavern on 134 North Royal Street, the Bank of Alexandria on 133 North Fairfax, the Carlyle House on 121 North Fairfax, and the Ramsey House on 221 King Street.  And we got lunch before trekking out to Jones Point Park to see the south boundary marker.

We were going to stop at the marker in the Benjamin Banneker park on the way home but had run out of steam.  We can easily go there another time.

I'd never had much chance to wander around Georgetown and Alexandria so I loved it and we saw a lot of interesting places.  The whole thing took about 6 hours.

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