03 September 2015

Dear Mexico

Almost two years ago I wrote you a letter apologizing for not wanting to move here.  I was so wrong for hesitating to come.  I have had the most amazing two years here and now it's ending.

I'm getting on an airplane today that takes me away from you and even though I hope I'll get to come back someday, at least for a visit, I don't know if I'll actually be able to.  It wasn't all perfect here, but the things I didn't love weren't your fault (the only exception would be the mosquito and jejene bites). And, just like I predicted in that letter, I am going to miss you forever.

I am going to miss everything about you.  I will miss the thunderstorms in the summer that light up the sky and turn the roads outside to rivers and pounded on the skylights.  I will miss buying tamales on the street corner.  I will miss climbing pyramids. I will miss people who are endlessly patient with my Spanish and who are always willing stop to help complete strangers get out of really big messes.  I will miss your street art and fine art.  I will miss your mariachis and Zeta gas jingles.  I will miss your fiestas and danzas, your pilgrimages and pinatas.  I will miss Mexico DF and Morelia, Guanajuato and San Blas, Campeche and Santa Elena.  I will miss exploring everywhere we could.  I will miss meeting members of the church in five different states and hearing their stories.  I will miss your food forever.

There is so much here that I ran out time for.  Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, El Tajin, Oaxaca, so many interviews, hot air balloon festivals, bird watching, whale sighting and more.  I could live here forever and never get bored. But I also saw and did so much while we were here and I know that when another plane takes me to Riyadh in a few months, I'll dig in deeply there too.  Even though I always have to keep leaving, I'm always arriving and discovering a new place.

Thank you for letting me visit, dear Mexico, and hasta luego.

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  1. I have rarely commented, but I have LOVED reading about everything you've been doing. You really seem to have gotten the most out of every day in Mexico Lindo. I can't wait to read about Saudi!