14 August 2015

Tianguis Choices

Another reason to go to the Monday and Friday tianguis is for the salsa and masa people. You can sit down and eat tacos with different salsas, get sopes, or buy gorditas (except that they're not called that here and I can't remember the right name) filled with lots of different options- mushorooms, rajas, cheese, chorizo, potato, and so much more. They have at least eight different salsas. Three are green- really spicy serrano, mild tomatillo, and my favorite one which is between the two with tomatillos and serranos and plenty of cilantro and onion. There are several ancho or other dried chile-based salsas, and several tomato ones. My favorite is salsa roja with arbol chiles. In my opinion this is the best place to get salsa ever. The small containers are 15 pesos and the 1/2 liter containers are 25.

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