01 September 2015

La Luz del Mundo

My husband had been wanting to see this church the entire time we've been here since it's a big building and he likes big buildings so we finally stopped on the way out to Tepa.  It was a big day there since it was the Sunday after the biggest holy day of the year for the church.


  1. Hey, I just heard of these folks. My hometown is now one of their bases in California, so I heard a lot about them when I visited recently.

  2. I hadn't heard of them before we saw the building and were curious about it. This is their international headquarters. They bought some land on the eastern edge of Guadalajara several decades ago and there's a very distinct neighborhood around the church.

  3. My friend told me that, and that the major holiday they just had is fairly mandatory. Several of the women at her workplace are members and always go down to Guadalajara for this date.